This document consists of 2 parts, explaining in a step by step the process of:

  1. Course Enrollment.
  2. User Enrollment.

To enroll multiple users into a course or enroll a single user in multiple courses, you must have the Manager role assigned in Learning Management. Please follow the given steps below or if you would like to watch a video tutorial please click on the link given below.

Video Link:

Course Enrollment

  • On your Iomad dashboard, click on Courses.

  •  In Courses, click on User Enrollments.

  • Click on the drop-down list of Select course to enroll into to view and select a course.

  • After selecting a course, select a single user or multiple users from Right Panel and click Enroll to enroll multiple users into that course.
  • After clicking Enroll, the selected user/users will be shown in the left panel under Enrolled Students.

  • Once you click enroll, a user can now see his/her enrollment status on their dashboard under Courser Overview.