To Create an Assessment Template, the following steps are required to be followed in the right sequence.

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Creating a Question Bank

  • Open Assessments>Question Banks>My Question Banks

  • Create a Question Bank by clicking Add.

  • Enter details and click save.
  • Frameworks represent a category for a Question Bank to be created in. 

Adding Questions to the Question Bank

  • Select Type from drop-down list.
  • Enter Question Text
  • Notes for Choosing a Response: Type a reason for choosing the response for eg. Explain if the said statement is false.
  • Check-boxes for allowing a user to attach a file Optional/Mandatory.
  • A question can be marked as mandatory so that a user cannot submit a blank answer.
  • Be able to provide comment: Creates a comment box to enter details for the selected response.

  • Risk Values: Associate a Risk value to identify Risk Level for a particular response chosen by a user.
  • Responses: Options available for a user to choose. An administrator can assign a value associated with Risk Values.
  • Click Save.

  • On Summary page, associate a Regulation to a question.
  • Click on Requirements>Click on Add Requirements

  • Select a Regulation from the drop-down list> Click Add> Click Save.

  • Go back to Questions and add more questions to the question bank.

  • A Question can be deleted or modify its sequence UP/Down.

  • Go back to My Question Banks, click on Actions and Publish the Question Bank.

  • Once Published, a Question Bank will be available to be chosen from the drop-down list to be associated with an Assessment Template.

Creating An Assessment Template

  • To Create an Assessment Template, go to Administration>Assessment>Templates

  • Click on Add to create a new template.

  • Step 1 of 2, enter Details and click on Continue.

  • Clicking on Sections will take you to Step 2 of 2.
  • Click on Add Section. This window allows you to enter a value in Total Questions of High Risk and Total Questions of Medium Risk and allow an administrator to Take Action from the Section or a particular Question of High Risk
  • Click Save.

  • Click on Associate Question Bank to associate it with the Assessment Template.
  • Select the Question Banks by its description and click Save and then click Done.

  • Go back to Templates, click on Actions and Publish the Assessment Template.

  • Once Published, an Assessment Template will be available in Compliance Management >Compliance Activity>Task>Assessment, to be chosen from the drop-down list, to be associated with the Assessment as an Assessment Template.