To Create an Assessment, Submit for Review and Analyze in Compliance Management. You need to follow the steps mentioned below, if you would like to watch a short Video Tutorial, please click on the link given below.

Video Link:

How to Create an Assessment

To create an assessment please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Compliance Management, Compliance activities.
  • Click on Tasks, from drop-down select Assessment.

  • Fill out the details and assign the assessment to a Single User or Group of Users.
  • From the drop-down list in Assignee, select a single user.

  • In case of assigning an assessment to a Group of users, select Group.
  • At the end of the Group Assignee text box, click on the icon highlighted in the below snapshot. Click on the icon Select a group and a window Group Picker will open. 

  • Select a group and that group will become the Group Assignee.

  • Type the name of an Assessment Template and select the template you want to Assign to the Assignee.

  • Fill out the remaining details as per requirement and click Create.

The assignee can see the assessment on his dashboard.

  • Click on the assessment and then click Start Assessment.

  • After clicking on Start Assessment, a hyperlink will be enabled which will allow you to take the assessment.

How to Submit an Assessment for a Review

  • After completing the assessment. You have to submit it for a Review.

A window will appear to assign the Assessment to a User, who will review the assessment.

How to Analyze an Assessment

  • The Reviewer will open the Assessment from his dashboard and click Analyze.

A new window will be opened to Analyze the assessment.

  • Click on the + icon to open the assessment and click Take Action for an assessment whose risk value is Medium/High.

  • A window will open to take multiple actions to assign against that particular Question of the Assessment.

  • After analyzing the assessment. The Reviewer will have to go back to Compliance Management, Compliance Activity, Open the assessment from his dashboard. Click on Complete to end the assessment.

  • The Assessment Status will show Completed.